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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pay is on the way

I landed two of the book contracts, so now I have to write two books for two different publishers, and both have the exact same deadline. I've decided to write the shorter book first and then tackle the big one.

No one has actually paid me yet, but I've signed one contract and sent it off. Still waiting to hear back on the second contract, because I asked for some changes. They always make me wait for a long time before paying me. I need the money now. I'm writing the book now. And advance is supposed to be just that -- something that comes in advance of doing the work. Even if they agree to my terms, I'll probably have the book written before I ever see a check. But I would hate to wait two months after finishing to get my first advance, three months after finishing for my second advance, etc. Heck the thing might be published before I see my money.

So I'm asking that I get paid upon signing. I'm waiting to hear back on that. Wish they'd just write to me so I'll know if I'm going to be paid.

The other publisher is very good about paying, so I will be getting that money soon. I need it desperately. I haven't had any money for awhile. Everything has gone to the "top of the list as soon as I get paid" pile. All of my bills, for example. And I need to get the car fixed. And I need to pay my taxes. There's just a ton of stuff that needs doing, and I haven't a dime.

I had to borrow my rent from my mom, and then had to beg her for an extra hundred so that I could buy some food. I'd been eating crap out of my cupboards (i.e. not stuff anyone would feel like eating. Not recognizable meals. Made up meals that had no nutrition, primarily). I can't wait until I have enough money to go to the store, fix the car, and pay my bills. Electricity is pretty close to being shut off. health insurance is due. Man, my life is a mess.

But on the bright side, I'm enjoying writing the shorter book! It's a lot of fun, and I think it has a real shot at being successful. The publisher that doesn't pay on time does make gorgeous books. And they pay better than the publisher that does pay on time. There's always a good with the bad, isn't there?

Anyway, I need to get to bed. I need my sleep because I have a lot of writing to do tomorrow. I'm trying to finish book one in two weeks total. That's not a lot of time to write a book, but I think I can do it. That'll give me more time to write the big book, which isn't going to be much fun to write. But it pays, and that's what counts!


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