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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hate crimes?

Damn that little toad! He has really pissed me off now.

About a week ago, I wandered onto one of the music sites and saw two members saying some nasty things about gays in the chat window. Stalker Boy was online as one of his aliases, so it was obvious they were doing it for his benefit. SB is gay, and likes to blame that for lots of the things wrong in his life. (i.e. the world is tormenting him because he's gay). Well that night, he was right. The two guys were tormenting him. It was horrifying. They said such base and nasty things.

I found myself in the bizarre position of wanting to defend Stalker Boy. I can't stand gay-bashing. Not only do I hate intolerance like that, I have too many friends who are gay. So despite never wanting to interact in any way with SB, even obliquely, I jumped into the chat and told the two guys to cut it out. One of them argued with me, but I wasn't going to leave until both had stopped. It was deplorable and they needed to hear it.

They did stop, and SB left the site without another word.

Not that I wanted another word, mind you. I was happy that he didn't try to interact. So today I was doing my stalker check -- going to his web pages to see what his latest libel is. And what do I find? A whiny tirade about hate crimes. Forget the fact that chatting on a website isn't exactly a crime (this is just SB being the overly dramatic victim -- his favorite role). But I understood his anger at the things they said, so fine, let him blow off a little steam.

Until I get to the end of his diatribe and find that he named ME as one of the perpetrators of the "hate crime"!!! I fricking stop that garbage and I'm the one he points the finger at?? And of course, just to make it googleable, he uses my full name. What a fricking piece of shirt he is.

I really need to get a lawyer and stop this pissant little tyrant right now. I'm so damned steamed at this twirp. Freedom of speech does NOT cover lies and libel. It does NOT mean you can print whatever you feel like on a web page without any regard for truth or honesty. It does NOT mean you can work really hard to ruin an innocent person's life. This idiotic manchild has pissed me off to no end and I am fed up with the whole thing. I want it stopped!!! NOW!!!!


  • I really need to get a lawyer and stop this pissant little tyrant right now.

    DO IT NOW!!! You're right. He's crossed the line. You've had to change your screennames and adjust your life for him. STOP HIM. If anyone's a victim here, it's you.

    I will be bugging your butt until you get a lawyer and slap a restraining order on him. I'm serious. Expect to hear from me often, Guanna.

    annoying as hell, but only cuz I care...

    By Anonymous Aimless, at 9:48 PM  

  • It takes money to hire a lawyer. Right now, I can't even afford food. I'm at zilch. However, I have some money coming. Because both of my publishers are in England, it always takes awhile for me to get paid. When the money comes, it won't last long. My car is basically defunct so I need money to repair that. I didn't pay my taxes in April because I had no money, so I have to pay those. There are also some health things that need taking care of, as well as all of my bills. However, when all of that is done, Lawyer is next on the list.

    So understand that it's not reticence, it's financial. When the money comes and if I can keep enough of it, there will be a lawyer, that's all I can say.

    And does it tick me off even more that this little subhuman is making me spend my hard-earned money just because he's a sick, whiny little bastard? You bet it does. Sometimes the world isn't fair -- and what else is new?

    By Blogger Guanna, at 10:35 PM  

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