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Thursday, September 08, 2005

He's baaa-aaack revisited

Yes, Stalker Boy has returned. He probably only had a one month prescription and when it ran out, he want back to his familiar, crazy ways. He's got a new blog, naming me as one of the world's most evil people. To review: I never did a darned thing to this kid. The last time I interacted with him online was late Jan/early Feb 2005. He is almost certainly schizophrenic and therefore imagines things. These hallucinations seem real to him. This is why he claims I said things I never said, did things I never did, and so on. It's all in his head. Doesn't stop him from libeling me, of course. Heck, he even posted a diatribe about me on Craig's List (the link was bad, so I'm assuming CL pulled it).

I have to admit, the resurrection of Stalker Boy didn't help my mood. I've seen far too much coverage of the Katrina disaster, and have been switching between deep sorrow for those affected and boiling anger at Bush and his regime. The callous disregard that he and those who work for him show is, well, it's too much to bear.

One good note. I finally got paid today. Gee, it was only two months after I invoiced, too. That put me in so much financial hardship, I can't even tell you. Now I need to get my check from the other publisher and I'll feel better.

With both books written, I've turned my attention to my novel. I want to get it finished, so it can start working for me. It's not earning a dime on my harddrive.

Time for bed. I'm beat. I've had a killer headache all day, and maybe some sleep will get rid of it.

Here's hoping.


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