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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Because my book is out in the U.S., I've been a wee bit obsessed with whether or not it's going to sell. I've written to the publicity dept. of the American publisher and offered my services. Haven't heard back on the latest letter. Apparently they have lots of contacts in San Francisco, but I have no way of getting up there unless they pay for me to do so. I have a feeling they won't.

I check Amazon way too often. Today, however, I had a thrill when I realized they added that "Search inside the book" thing. I always love that feature when I'm shopping, so I'm excited that they did that. I watch my rank go up and down on the site (for entertainment purposes only, as it tells you nothing unless you have some kind of huge bestseller).

I even checked ebay. There are a lot of booksellers on ebay. Most use dutch auctions and I added up how many copies are currently available. The grand total? 401! Guess how many sales? 0, if you don't count the two that were just auctioned off by the bats for an author who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. The good news there is that the two signed copies earned $96.55, which is a whole lotta guano.

I need to stop obsessing, however. It's too easy to drive myself crazy.

At least I'm not just sitting around. I've been working on finishing my novel and it's going well. This time I'm determined to get it done. I need to get it out into the world, working for me.

I need to be thinking up some new proposals, but right now I'm drawing a blank. My head is so deeply into the novel, I can't think of anything but that. I'm hoping that when I finish, I'll think up something good.

I'm going to be in a lot of trouble, financially, very soon. I just got the second payment for the rune book, so I can pay this month's rent and some bills, but it's not going to last very long. My outrageously high rent sees to that every month. I need to make a lot more money, so that I can be more comfortable and eliminate all this financial stress. I need the book to be an international bestseller. That's the main reason I'm obsessing over it. I need it to succeed.

Other than the usual money issues, things are going well. The new song is still being worked on, but I now have the version with the piano and it's killer! She did such an amazing job.

Gak, I hate never being able to use names or titles or anything simply because I don't want Stalker Boy to find this blog. Drives me nuts. I would love to link to my books, to my songs, and so on. But I just can't take that chance.

Ah well, it could be worse. At least I can still vent here. Or celebrate! Speaking of which, my home state's biggest paper did a short review of my book. Major thrill for me. I grew up reading that paper and voila! There's my book, and they liked it! Mom called to tell me and she was beside herself with joy. So excited. She told all of her friends. Man, I love that. I love making her happy.

Okay, time for me to go. I need to get some sleep.


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