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Saturday, May 27, 2006

And Science marches on

Just read a story from Yahoo about an invisibility cloak. Scientists now have a working theory on how to make one and have begun creating the man-made materials necessary to put the theory to the test. The material would bend light, making whatever the cloak/shield covered, invisible.

This is darn cool stuff! A friend of mine, Elena, told me that her father (who is a well-known Russian astro-physicist) created a theoretical time machine. According to Elena, the math is correct, but our ability to put the theory into action is not there yet.

Scientific theory is such a fascinating subject. Because the human mind doesn't have the limitations that practical engineering has, scientists have been able to suss out many of the things known only in science fiction. Then again, science fiction is also the product of human minds. Fiction writers are free to dream up realities to their hearts' contents. There are few limitations as long as one follows the rules of 'suspension of disbelief'. It's incredible that what these authors dream up have been known to become reality with the advance of science and engineering. Flying machines were once science fiction and now we barely give a thought to hopping on a jet, other than to hope for an aisle or a window as opposed to that crowded middle seat. Trips to the moon? Been there, done that. And now invisibility, time machines, intersellar space travel -- nothing is really outside of the boundaries, regardless of how 'crazy' it may sound.

Me? I'm still waiting for the Space Plane. I worked on the project in the 80's and back then, they said it should become reality in 2020. That's only 14 years from now. That may be the future, but it's not all that far away. Like all scientific advances, inspiration+time can often lead to reality.

And now, I'll just drape my invisibility cloak over my blog (been using one since I started here, as evidenced by the paucity of comments) and go back to seeing you without you seeing me.


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