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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aravosisblog: the new standard for net parody

My new favorite blog is Johnny A-List's blog. It is a parody of Americablog and is truly brilliant. I don't know who is behind it, but the writer is obviously a skilled comedy writer. Johnny A-List has hit so many things dead center, from personality quirks to 'Friday Orca blogging'; that one leaves the site wishing one had written every last word of it. That's how good it is. If you've ever read Americablog and have a sense of humor, get over to Aravosisblog asap.


  • it's a thing of beauty. Thank you for leading me to it.

    No, no, don't bother to say hello, guanna. It's fine. Don't get up. I'll see myself out. [sniffle]

    By Blogger Kate R, at 2:45 PM  

  • Actually, Kate, I've assume no one ever returns. I did, however, brag about you being here on a certain batty message board, and told a friend that you showed up. Is it healthy to be that excited over the appearance of Kate R? The answer is: Depends (meaning yes, a little happiness is just fine, but no if it means wearing Depends).

    By Blogger Guanna, at 6:27 PM  

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